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Homeowner Title Insurance

New Townhomes for sale require Homeowners and Lenders Title Insurance in NJ

Homeowner Title Insurance

American Title provides real estate title insurance for investors, lenders and homeowners in NJ. 

When a home is purchased, both Lender’s Policies and Owners’ Policies, should be considered by the new homeowner. 

Lender’s Title Policies are typically required by a mortgage company and protect ownership rights for as long as the mortgage lasts.  Once the mortgage is paid off, there is no insurance protection if some unforeseen ownership claim should arise. 

Owner’s Policy continue to cover you long after the mortgage is paid off. For one small upfront cost paid at the time of settlement, an Owner’s Policy will protect your ownership rights for as long as you or your heirs own the property.      

For either type of policy, if we find complications, such as liens, errors in the public record, easements, or missing heirs, while searching the public records on your future property, we will help you understand and resolve those problems.

Real Estate Investor Title Insurance

American Title is real estate investor-friendly, willing to work with LLC buyers, and capable of handling complicated closings and assignment closings in every county in New Jersey. 

The high-value commercial and investor closings that American Title has handled recently include apartment buildings, shopping centers, medical facilities, and even a well-known racetrack. 

Utilizing a title company that has significant experience with LLC buyers and complicated investor title insurance issues makes a difference in a commercial real estate closing in New Jersey.  

American Title Abstract in NJ handles complicated and high value Commercial Building Title Insurance
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